Massage at home all over Athens in 2 hours!

We offer high quality massage and spa services by well trained professional therapists at your house, at the hotel, at your office or on your yacht.
In Massage Spa you shall find a variety of holistic, rejuvenating therapies. By combining the most effective eastern and western treatments, we offer you the massage experience at its best.

Because you deserve to feel at your best, every day, wherever you are.

 Massage Spa:  +30 2118000310


Massage Treatments

By implementing a series of non invasive techniques and pure oils, our masseurs and masseuses offer you a complete Spa experience, easily and directly at the comfort of your own space. Our therapists are highly qualified to practice massages for medical or health reasons such as pain management, soreness/ stiffness/ spasms, or overall relaxation and wellness.



Our team is comprised of professional therapists with extensive experience in massage, in physiotherapy and in alternative therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Crystalotherapy, Sound Massage and many more.
They stand out due to their skills and talent in massage, but what makes them so special is their love and sincere interest for the overall treatment of a body.