Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1. Where are you located? Are you a spa center and can I visit you?

Our office is located in the center of Athens although we don’t yet operate as a spa center. We provide massage and spa services at our clients’ place (house, hotel etc), we don’t currently offer massage sessions in our space.

2. Which are your working hours?

Our company is open every day between 09:00-23:00.

3. How can I book a massage?

Simply by calling us at +30 2118000310 or through our Online Booking form. If you choose the latter, we shall call you on the phone number you specify in order to confirm your booking.

4. How fast can you provide us with massage services in our place?

If you give us a call at least 2-3 hours ahead of your desired time of appointment, it is unlikely that we will not meet your request. Our service can be even faster, depending on your location and our availability during that time.

5. Is there something I should do prior to a massage session?

A good shower is always recommended before a massage treatment. This will make you feel clean and rejuvenated and your body and mind will feel more relaxed. Another thing you can do is turn on some relaxing spa music. In addition, we advise that you don’t eat heavily prior to your massage and to have a clean towel available. If you have a chronic illness, pain, some recent injury, an allergy in certain oils etc, please inform us or the therapist before the treatment.

6. I am a tv person, a celebrity, someone who would like anonymity. Can I trust you with my personal info?

Absolutely. Our staff is very experienced in providing service to business people, political figures and well known celebrities. Our philosophy is based on absolute respect towards our clients and we operate under the standards of the best concierge services. Our affordable prices have been adjusted to enable more people to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a good massage. However, this by no means changes the fact that we offer luxurious massage-spa services.

7. I would like to offer a massage treatment as a gift to a beloved friend of mine? Can I count on you?

By all means yes. Just fill in our Gift form and leave it on us. We will contact you to arrange the ideal procedure of carrying out this process in the most professional way possible, according to your wish on every level (concerning the way and time of informing the gift recipient about the massage present, concerning the means of payment, concerning the date of the massage treatment and so on).

8. Can I have the massage at my hotel?

Certainly, the massage can take place at your hotel room.

9. In which ways can I pay for my massage?

90% of our customers choose to pay at the end of the massage session in cash.
However, we also provide you with the option of prepaying before the massage via our website, using your card or Paypal. You will be given this option upon filling in our Online Booking form.

10. How much do your services cost?

You can see our pricelist and offers by clicking here.

11. What kind of a massage shall I expect to have?

You will receive a professional quality massage treatment from well trained and experienced masseurs and masseuses, who will leave you satisfied with your choice to offer this necessary luxury to yourself. We will come to your place with whatever is necessary to provide you with a relaxing break from daily stress and fatigue (such as massage oils and/or massage table or mattress.
We value our customers’ needs and you should expect high quality services at the comfort of your own space.

*As the profession of massage is often misunderstood, we would like to stress out the fact that we offer ONLY professional massage therapies and no “extra” services.