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25 thoughts on “Marie

  1. Alberto Riva

    Excellent masseuse and very kind person, good focus on physical pains and could treat them, thank you so much Marie !

  2. Anjella

    There is a distinct feeling when you know you’ve found the right therapist for you. For me, that is 100% Marie. Such a wonderful human being and knows exactly what to do.

  3. Jackson Emily

    What a pity ! My favorite massage therapist seems to have less availabilities ! Anyway, I will book on time to be sure to get a massage with Marie because I need a deep tissue massage twice a month. MasssageSpa you are cool too 🙂

  4. S. Elliot

    I was doing a tango workshop in Athens and I did really need a massage, all my body was so tired. It seemed that traditional Thai massage by Marie was the most helpful in my case. And it was so successful : this incredible and so professional therapist makes in the same time stretching, acupressure on the energetic points and massage ! Each muscle, each articulation, each tissue become more and more relaxed and efficient. The day after, my dancing was so easier and fluid !
    I love tango, I love Athens, I love Marie !


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