Anestis specializes in both relaxing and sports massage.

He has worked for well known hotels of Greece and he is very proud about his participation in the World Summer Games Special Olympics Athens 2011, as a massage therapist.

Anestis nourishes a particular passion for the art of massage and he frequently participates in seminars to expand his knowledge. A session with Anestis is never the same as the prior as he always adapts according to your body’s needs.

His massages contain a combination of techniques from various massage styles like Indian, Swedish, Sports and Holistic. Using hypoallergenic oil and organic essential oils will relax your body and lift your spirit.

Professionalism and consistency are some of the elements which characterize his personality.

Extra services offered: Kalari Massage

The Kalari Massage is a powerful style of massage derived from Kalari payattu martial art, which is said to derive other Asian martial arts. One of the most attractive elements of Kalari is the use of the feet, but also uses hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, knees and shins. Kalari massage combines body, mind and spirit. It strengthens the body by relaxing and opening energy pathways. It´s practice by yoguis and bodywork people.


34 responses to “Anestis”

  1. Amybobo says:

    Since last year I try massage in Message Spa.Anestis are the best therapist and can’t find the other better then him.Really miss his professional massage. I will be back . 我還没有找到一個按摩師比Anestis更好的,非常想念他的按摩手法,我會再回去找他按摩

  2. Akito Zauka says:

    The sports massage was perfect I’ve had wonderful massages back home and I will definitely rank Anestis as one of the top therapists I’ve ever met.
    Next time I might try the Kalari treatment.

  3. annika says:

    even though the weather is getting warm in Greece i decided to try the hot stones massage and I couldn’t have made a better decision
    a fantastic experience… one I will definitely try again

  4. Phil A says:

    Sports massage was great. I was very tight and today I woke up a little sour but thats to be expected. It was nice meeting you and I hope we ll meet again some time

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