Marie is a special and talented professional with a unique personality. She grew up in Switzerland where she graduated in dietetics and nutrition at the University of Geneva. Ever since that time, her entire path has been about healing and essential contact with people.

She has studied anatomy-physiology and has graduated from the School of Release and Relax Motion in Athens as a Massage Therapist. Massage is the art that has won her heart in the last few years, which she performs at a well-known spa in the center of Athens, as well as at home based therapy sessions.

In harmony with the calmness and the rhythm of the massage treatment, while also using essential oils when necessary, Marie “listens” to your body and soul’s needs.


25 responses to “Marie”

  1. Alberto Riva says:

    Excellent masseuse and very kind person, good focus on physical pains and could treat them, thank you so much Marie !

  2. Anjella says:

    There is a distinct feeling when you know you’ve found the right therapist for you. For me, that is 100% Marie. Such a wonderful human being and knows exactly what to do.

  3. rachel says:

    a real thai massage just as if I was in thailand
    cool service guys thx

  4. Jackson Emily says:

    What a pity ! My favorite massage therapist seems to have less availabilities ! Anyway, I will book on time to be sure to get a massage with Marie because I need a deep tissue massage twice a month. MasssageSpa you are cool too 🙂

  5. S. Elliot says:

    I was doing a tango workshop in Athens and I did really need a massage, all my body was so tired. It seemed that traditional Thai massage by Marie was the most helpful in my case. And it was so successful : this incredible and so professional therapist makes in the same time stretching, acupressure on the energetic points and massage ! Each muscle, each articulation, each tissue become more and more relaxed and efficient. The day after, my dancing was so easier and fluid !
    I love tango, I love Athens, I love Marie !

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