Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way of prenatal care for both the fetus and a healthy and enjoyable way to promote overall wellness and relaxation for the mother.

While a woman is pregnant her body undergoes numerous changes physically as well as physiologically and spiritually. The physical changes can cause stress and or discomfort to the mother. Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to help alleviate many of these discomforts, as well as promotes a sense of well being. And it is tailored specifically to the needs of each pregnant woman individually.

It is a safe and beneficial practice that pregnant women can apply throughout their pregnancies and even after childbirth. It reduces stress on weight bearing joints, relieves from muscle cramps, helps with the headaches, migraines and edema (swelling).

It helps to relax, have quality sleep and cope with the stress and emotional swings caused by hormonal changes.

Our therapists provide this type of massage after the third month of the pregnancy.

Therapists who provide it: